Wairoa School

An individual journey in education

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About our school

Wairoa School provides educational programs for students with moderate to high support needs. Our programs support students with a moderate to severe intellectual disability, who may also have additional support needs related to autism, physical disabilities and/or sensory disabilities. The physical environment of our indoor and outdoor learning areas specifically address the many and varying special needs of the wide range of students enrolled. Class sizes at Wairoa School also reflect the support needs of our students. Each class of approximately six students has a special education teacher and a teachers aide special. In addition to school staffing, students receive support, at school and home, from Eastern Sydney Developmental Disability Team who provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy as required. Each student has a Learning Support Team which may include parents, family members, teacher and teachers aide special, the principal, school counsellor and therapists. This team develops an Individual Education Plan, an IEP, with outcomes for learning. Student progress is published in their individual portfolios.